Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

In a first for this aspect of my blogging portfolio, I will be using this space for my response to a Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress.

The theme this go-around is fray.

My response takes us back two years to July 2012 when I visited the Hirshhorn Musuem and Sculpture Garden, located in Washington, D.C.

One of the paintings I saw at this museum caught my eye because the artist took his paint outside of the confines of the space of the artwork. This produced an effect where the splotches of color fray at the edges and seem to spill off the cardboard.

Here, take a look at a closeup of this artwork…


The shadows on the wall showcase the effect of the physical oil paint moving off the boundaries of the rectangle and fraying off into space.

For those with a thirst for knowing, this artwork is entitled “Untitled (Rotating Eyes of the Falling Tree Monkey Face 43.35)” by American painter Mark Grotjahn.