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Today is July 25, 2014, and I a sitting on a couch in my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s house in Rockville, Maryland.

I am awaiting the arrival of their oldest son as he and his brother are returning from Brazil after experiencing the thrill of the World Cup.

Quick Digression

My oldest son gave me this gem. He wondered why American football was called “football” since the pigskin is not a ball (i.e., a sphere) and is rarely advanced via the foot. Instead, my eldest said the game on the gridiron, to be factual and accurate, should be called “handegg”.

I would pay a decent amount of money to hear Hank Williams, Jr. shout, “Are you ready for some handegg?”

End Digression

In addition to hearing all about watching futbol matches in Brazil (while avoiding touching on the 1-7 drubbing the Brazilians endured at the feet the Germans), I was curious to talk to my nephew to learn about the latest application he knew about. My nephew, over the years, has clued me in to some of my favorite on-line pastimes including the quiz game Sporcle, StumbleUpon – the website that plops you on a random URL based on your expressed interests, and GeoGuessr – the visual quiz that asks you to answer where in the world you are based on Google’s Street View.

I was not disappointed when my nephew announced his latest find.

TIL QuizUp exists.

This app, QuizUp, covers all of my bases.

It’s quick as a single quiz lasts for only seven questions.
It’s competitive as you play against other players from around the globe.
It’s goal-oriented as there are a number of achievements to be unlocked (i.e., becoming level 60 in 8 topics, winning 50 games in a row)
It’s varied as there are a multitude of topics (i.e., science, TV, sports, movies) and sub-topics (i.e., biology, math, Adventure Time, Star Trek, basketball, World Cup, Star Wars, Disney musicals) to be quizzed on.
It’s also completely addictive.

For the record, I am Level 19 in World News, Level 16 in US History, Level 10 in Disney, Level 5 in Cartoons, and Level 5 in Paintings, just to name a few of the topics I have competed in.

It’s a good day when you learn something new.


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