TIL – MacCullum More Museum and Garden

Today is July 23, 2014, and I am standing in Chase City, Virginia.

I am looking at a miniature copy of the Aztec Stone of the Sun (the decorated circle often mischaracterized as a calendar) which is embedded in a stone wall.

My lovely wife and I are here in this private Virginia garden as part of our continuing mini-vacation that saw us first in North Carolina. Once again, following our “Why Plan Ahead?” pattern of vacationing, we find ourselves in Mecklenburg County in the south of Virginia with no idea as to what sights we should see.

When we arrived at our bed & breakfast in Clarksville, one of the items in our room was a binder full of places to see and experience. One of those locations was where my lovely wife and I find ourselves right now.

We are standing in the MacCullum More Museum and Garden. This location is an eclectic mix of statuary and garden pieces. There are Roman busts, dragons, anchors, fountains, and many other items including the aforementioned Stone of the Sun. This place is so haphazard that it could only make sense if it had been built by at least four different individuals for nearly half a century.

TIL – The MacCullum More Garden were mainly created by Charles F. Gillette, Lucy Henry Morton Hudgins, William H. Hudgins, and Howard Hudgins between 1927 and 1976.

It’s a good day when you learn something new.

Postscript – I would like to tell you something about the museum that also resides on these grounds, but the facility was closed. I’m sure it’s lovely, though.


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