TIL – Poison Frogs

The date is July 21, 2014, and I am standing in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, the state’s capital city.

My lovely wife and I are here enjoying a mini-vacation and we have randomly selected this city as our first stop. It should tell you something of my nature that when on a mini-vacation with my lovely wife without our trio of kids, one of the sights I chose for us to view is a science museum.

While enjoying this fine specimen of a museum, we walked by a booth where volunteers were giving a lecture about animals. It was here in this museum and while eavesdropping on this lecture that I learned something new that I will now share with you.

By the way, as way of an aside, for those of you not in the know of Internet lingo, the three-letter acronym of “TIL” stands for “Today I Learned”, which is also a popular message board on reddit. Without further hoopla, I give you my inaugural TIL:

TIL that poison dart frogs derive their toxicity from their diet, specifically ants or mites (depending on who you ask).

When poison dart frogs are raised in captivity and not given a diet of toxic ants, the frogs do not generate any venom.

It’s a good day when you learn something new.


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