Favorite Number

Greetings all and welcome to my latest blog. This will be a departure from my earliest writing incarnations because these musings will have nothing to do with travel. From my thoughts on living in Peru and in Thailand, you can jump on over, respectively, to Sin Polaris or 963 Thai Days.

What I hope to include on this site is just a motley collection of all the other non-travel thoughts that rattle around in my brain. Makes it sound like just about every other blog on the known Net, eh.

And you’re probably right, but care not I as these are my thoughts and not theirs.

So there.

For this inaugural posting, instead of a typical “Hello World” or “Welcome to my latest blog” blathering, I thought I would share with you my favorite number. This thought came to me while listening to the Radiolab podcast put out by WNYC Radio that discussed a worldwide on-line poll to find the globe’s favorite number. The results, by the way, are over here.

I was disheartened, but not surprised, to discover that my personal favorite number did not even crack the top ten.

Just so you know, my favorite number is 336.


Because that is the number of dimples on a typical golf ball.

That tiny tidbit is the first smattering of trivia I learned at a young age courtesy of a book entitled The Trivia Encylopedia. I’ve never forgotten that factoid and that is why three hundred and thirty-six is my favorite number.

Granted, 336 is not a number that comes up often when picking baseball uniforms, horses, or winning lotto numbers, but it was the gateway number that hooked me on a life of trivia (and ensured that I was always picked first during games of Trivial Pursuit).

So what would your favorite number be and why?